Disassembly and reassembly of complete thermal oil systems

Transport of a 6 floor Daub Automatik HanseatFor complete equipment and heavy machinery, is meeting deadlines and quality work is essential. The first step in order to avoid high costs of refitting is a technically qualified disassembly. Any error during disassembly and reassembly in the labeling can lead to major problems of the system. Our years of experience in dismantling and reassembly of thermal oil baking equipment helps to minimize these errors.

Often defects are at an early stage of the plant and thus reduce potential delays through the procurement process significantly or totally. Especially in the food industry and in the baking industry with its high time and quality requirements that can be saved by a qualified removing significant cost. Only when separation points are clearly identified and labeled, subsequent reassembly be performed quickly and accurately.

picture on the left: Transport of a 6 floor automatik plant. The 55T oven could be loaded only through the hall roof.



For deposits, we provide you with a special documentation to complete these machines for years to come easy to reassemble.

Our service:

reassembly of a Daub proofer

Based on our many years of extensive experience, we offer you machines and plant relocations in full ownership. The implementation of the disassembly and reassembly are always handled by professionals. Depending on the agreement, but also with the support of low-cost industrial workers

We assume subtasks and work packages, or your entire project. Get our technical and organizational know-how being used to your project quickly, cheaply and successfully complete.


picture on the right: Reassembly of a revised automatic proofer. without external cladding.