Project management - scheduling, procurement and implementation of projects around thermal oil systems

Project management triangleOur project management will help you plan your project properly and to control too limited to risks, seize opportunities and quality, on time and within reach of the cost of the project goal

Our project management helps you achieve your goals in the allotted time, the available capacity within the estimated costs.

We offer a coordinated, integrated project management, together with an exact time and capacity planning. Optionally we can also supply management. All this ensures a successful project completion. We act as general contractor and are your single point of contact. We undertake the complete management interface and distinguish ourselves responsible for the overall success.

Image Right: triple constraint of project management

Advantages of our project management

A clear definition of goals and time line allows for extensive planning. This saves time and money in the execution phase, and facilitates the coordination of procurement of materials and installation. Our project coordination is the cooperation of the various companies involved in the project and contribute to conflict resolution in case of unforeseen problems. The project serves as an accompanying controlling process for the early detection and countermeasures of plan deviations.

Our performance against project Begin:

The hiring of an experienced project manager for all the above actions is possible.