Retrofitting of used thermal oil plants

Overhaul, modernization, rebuilding

With the introduction of new manufacturing technologies is purchased as a rule, a new thermal oil plant. Before installing the new system the old thermal oil systems are often for sale. When implementing these systems is generally a modernization in certain sectors or complete overhaul of the oven and / or the proofer plant. The upgrades range from simple standard replacement parts such as chains, bearings and seals to the exchange of complex components, as well as the complete conversion of the plant.

Conversion of a Thermal oil system on external steam

Image Right: Conversion of a Thermal oil system on external steam

Retrofitting is our daily business

Take advantage of our experience in the modernization and remodeling of used equipment. Our facilities are modernized and refurbished throughout Europe.

Retrofitting in existing thermal oil systems

Even existing plants to retrofit may also be useful. By replacing outdated components and adding new, modern technological advancements existing plants are brought up to date. The advantage for the plant operator is in the modernization of the plant and in related increase in productivity at significantly lower cost in relation to the acquisition of a given device.

Our experience in Retrofitting / modernization of facilities and comprehensive vulnerability management, serve to increase the operational and functional safety. MSH Hamburg reviews the effectiveness of existing and shows you ways to improve your thermal oil system and is defined by results-oriented measures in consultation with you.