Maintenance of the boiler and the steam system

The regular steam cleaning of your equipment to prevent a deterioration of the vapor plume and thus usually a deterioration in the quality of the product. MSH has for cleaning and maintenance of steam plant developed a special technique to avoid such problems and to reduce existing scale deposits or dirt or eliminate.

Impurities such as lime, rust and dirt reduce the efficiency of the system units considerably. A scale deposit of only 1 mm results in a deterioration of performance in the steam generator by about 10%.

For systems with reverse osmosis, it is common to mud deposits of rust and dirt. This sludge promotes corrosion many times and can even go on the steam cycle of the products.

In plants and pipelines, which have been formed over years deposits, this can usually only remove mechanically. Regular cleaning prevents such chemical stubborn deposits and the associated costly and expensive mechanical removal.

The MSH cleaning technology, we can remove most inorganic contaminants and coatings, and hard water deposits and rust.

MSH Hamburg used only bio-degradable chemical cleaners!

During the cleaning of the steam plant, we love to get a free visual inspection of your thermal oil system.