Evaluation of equipment and thermal oil systems

Review before buying a used thermal oil plant

oil leak inside a MIWE thermo-rollomat plantBy creating a state assessment, a technical and economic risk analysis is developed and the use of funds for repair or modernization are roughly calculated. Here, the current system state is grouped into sections and it is provided with a quality class. Possible defects and necessary repairs can be calculated in advance so largely and so incorporated into the risk analysis.

Image Left: oil leak inside a thermo-oil plant

Assessment in connection with an inspection of thermal oil systems

rust damage inside a Daub Hanseat plant

Image Right: rust damage inside a backery plant

Connecting axis of a steel plate belt inside a Daub Hanseat plantIn connection with an inspection, it is possible to create a fairly accurate assessment of state thermal oil systems. This review provides an interface between objective information and subjective expert dar. With the help of various sources of information such as data from operational history, repair history, and compared to similar thermal oil systems, in conjunction with the results of the inspection, it is possible for us to respect one recommendations of the necessary maintenance or deliver the expected costs and timelines for review and modernization. This gives you the opportunity to find long-term time frame for the necessary work and an ideal preparation for the repair or modernization. This helps to minimize production downtime and associated costs.

Image: Connecting axis of a steel plate belt. Fracture of the steel pin (red circle). This failure can have severe damage to the belt to follow